Who are Ludicrumedia?

Funny name, you say? We agree. Ludicrum is latin for "fun", which is the whole vision for the entire enterprise we've started. Luckily, we find designing and creating websites a whole lot of fun!

The short and formal version

We are a small digital agency located on the south-eastern border to Sweden in the small fortress town of Halden, Norway. We combine 30+ years of experience within web design and -development, digital and communication strategy exploration and graphical workings to offer solid projects to both smaller and larger clients.

The team

The story behind…

Ludicrumedia was started by two buddies who previously worked for the same company. After we both had moved to other occupations, we were pretty clear we wanted to continue working together…

Starting a company without a clear vision or thought of what we wanted to do, we were determined to have fun while we did it! This lead to the guiding vision for all we do in this company:

Because it’s fun


But… you had to do something?

Yes, we did. we had a brainstorming session about what we thought would be fun. we came up with satire, T-shirts, websites and e-commerce and creating visual experiences as the work we wanted to keep doing, and this led to two fractions of the company.

First; An e-commerce website selling T-shirts with custom satirical and humerous prints. That sounded both doable and fun. So we startet Ludicrum, a T-shirt brand with unique and humorous prints. The name Ludicrum is latin for Fun, encapsulating the company’s main vision and first act of production.

Second; We wanted to keep creating digital experiences. We think we’re pretty good at it and enjoy it. Hence, the company Ludicrumedia was born and serves clients in the digital world.

Over the years, clothing brands have come and gone, several projects and we’ve added a third member to the crew!

If you’d really like to know what we’re like and do, check out some of the stuff we’ve made.

Can we fix it?

A combination of Bob the builder’s annoying positive attitude (well, he do have talking machinery!) and the self-proclaimed WordPress wizardry let’s us say “Yes, we can!”. Digital strategies, complex and custom website solutions and visual sweets are what we use our (silent) machines to build – and we make sure having fun while doing it! And we’ll be happy to share the fun with you in your project!

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