Webshop selling exclusive, satirical T-shirts.

The word Ludicrum was the start of it all for us. Meaning “Fun” in latin, Ludicrum became not just the brand of an exclusive series of clothing, but also the vision of the Ludicrum people’s endeavour: We want to create something, and have lots of fun while we do it!

The end result can be seen on Head over to get yourself a one-in-ten exclusive T-shirt!

The beginning of Ludicrum(edia)

After Egil and Marius both left the company they both worked for, they wanted new challenges, and to create something together. While brainstorming about what to create, the common denominators where T-shirts, satire and webshops. Those were pretty easy to combine, so we decided to build our own clothing brand, get the T-shirts produced exclusively for this brand, base our designs on our own humour and sell them through a webshop we could set up ourselves.

To make sure we had the economical backbone of starting this brand, we also decided to offer services within web development, graphical design and profiling, as we have years of experience with this, meaning the brand or company would be a two-headed monster. But what should it all be called?

Latin fun

Not referring to a mexican night out, the word Ludicrum means “Fun” in Latin. The word stuck with us, and so we decided to keep it as the brand name of the clothing section. Adding the “Media” part came naturally, so the main company is called Ludicrumedia, while the clothing brand is named “Ludicrum”.

Further work later lead us to also establish the brands kleskompaniet and KristenMannsBlod.


Naming ourselves (very humbly) “WordPress Wizards”, we obviously wanted to establish the webshop using WordPress. Along with WooCommerce as en e-commerce extension and integration against bank and financial services, we’ve established an effective and solid solution to the Ludicrum marketplace – enabling us to administer the other brands as well.

Read more about the extensive webshop solution in the case study “Multibrand e-commerce solution with integrations“.

If you want a WordPress-based e-commerce site, read more about WordPress e-commerce in our services.

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