Heller Autospa came with a pretty clear view of what sort of logo they wanted. After discussing what Heller Autospa really offers, the project took a completely different turn!

The project

Client: Heller Autospa

Title: Logo for Heller Autospa

Categories: Identity, Logo

Launched: April 17, 2017

Logo for Heller Autospa

01. The Client

Heller Autospa is a Halden-based high-end car spa. It serves car-loving clients with the best care possible.

02. The Process

Lars-Filip Heller from Heller Autospa came to Ludicrumedia with a vague idea on what kind of logos he liked. Traditionally, anything “car” is often associated with the vintage Americana gas station signs and animals of power and/or speed.

Originally, Heller had his mind set on a modernization of the old Americana style, with simpler lines and a solid expression. But – as we got to talk about what the logo should convey, we discovered a slight turn of mind.

03. The Complexity

As we discussed the type of cars and clients Heller aim to serve, there were clearly a purpose of offering high quality to car-lovers who would like a professional to care for their vehicle with as much passion as they do. Hence, the target group and the quality of service should reflect this. The vintage Americana is a fantastic visual tradition, but not necessarily the right style for this, and as we sketched some proposals, both Heller and us found a simpler, more solid expression we all fell in love with.

04. The Design

We still used a very traditional design style; the monogram. Merging the H for Heller and A for autospa, using black, white and gold as colors, we all could feel the high quality through the graphical representation of the logo.

As the sketch formed, we converted it to a digital version, and voilá: Heller Autospa had their new logo.

05. The Result

Heller Autospas main logo, with monogram
The main logo. The monogram can be used as a standalone symbol to represent the company.

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