Logo for MS Brekke

The old, traditional Halden-based ship MS Brekke was refurbished an put back in transit in the summer of 2017. The new owners needed a new logo. And here it is!

The project

Client: MS Brekke

Title: Logo for MS Brekke

Categories: Identity, Logo

Launched: May 1, 2017

Logo for MS Brekke

01. The Client

The boat MS Strømsfoss has been an institution in Halden for several years, and a prominent tourist ship running through Europe’s highest joint floodgates from Strøsfoss to Halden in the Halden Channel. After a few years sitting quiet on land, eager navy enthusiasts Jens and Signe Myhren bought the ship, refurbished it and put it back on the water. They now offer the public an amazing journey through the channel, and the boat can be booked for private parties, charters or celebrations.

02. The Process

The new company and boat name MS Brekke wanted a logo for the enterprice, and turned to us for help. They only gave us some keywords, including Halden, the boat itself and sea. That’s plenty to work with!

03. The Complexity

Keeping the expression naval, publicly available, integrating both boat and city in a symbol simple enough for a logo could be quite the challenge. After drawing vector shapes of the boat’s front, it was quite easy to place it in water, and logical to place the “infamous” Fredriksten fortress silhouette in the background to create a solid relation to the city of Halden.

The color blue was an obvious choice to relate to sea, sky and the outdoors. The logo went from complex to complete in seconds after finding the right boat expression!

04. The Result

The final logo. We are proud to have worked with one of the oldest institutions in the city, giving them a modern look they really enjoy displaying!

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