Logo for ZolidWork

ZolidWork combines high-end technology with solid business functions like sales, support and service to provide cutting edge tools for increasing sales, support return and service delivery. They needed something Zolid!

The project

Client: ZolidWork

Title: Logo for ZolidWork

Categories: Identity, Logo

Launched: September 30, 2016

Logo for ZolidWork

01. The Client

ZolidWork is a start-up combining cutting-edge technology with zolid experience in helping the sales, support and service industrues. This combination is used provide excellent solutions for enriching and sharpen efficiancy for sales-, service- and support-functions in almost any market.

02. The Design

ZolidWork wanted a logo with solid, heavy colors and expression. We made the Z-symbol with their main color blue along a dark, concrete gray at bottom to illustrate a heavy base, and to make a symbol that works as a stand-alone as well as with the logotype and tagline.

The logotype was made with the same colors, using a bolder typeface on the word “zolid” to emphasize it’s meaning.

A requirement was to include the tagline “sales, support & service” on larger versions of the logo. I made a separator using the same angle as the cut-through in the Z to endulge consistency, and use the separator to lead the readers eye (their customers mainly operate in europe, where standards are a top-left-to-bottom-right direction of reading). The separator leads the eye from the bottom right of the word to the top left of the next, easing transition when reading.

03. The Result

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