Logo for Murtnes Catering & BBQ

Frank Murtnes, a local BBQ-chef, started his own restaurant, and we were fortunate enough to get to eat his food - I mean, design the logo!

The project

Client: Murtnes Catering & BBQ

Title: Murtnes BBQ profile

Categories: Design and Identity, Logo

Launched: September 3, 2020

Murtnes BBQ profile

01. The Client

Frank Murtnes has worked as a chef at various kitchens and restaurants, but decided in 2020 to start his own restaurant and catering shop. Specializing in BBQ and smoking, our friday’s lunch usually consist of his locally famous BBQ plate!

02. The Process

A simple and straight forward process: Murtnes is a man with a grill and a beard. The beard needed to be part of the logo. Constructing a “stamp” with elements clearly indicating the making of food, like the chef’s hat, the knife and bbq spatula made it clear we were dealing with food!

03. The Design

A circular stamp shape was the base shape used to compose the elements. The main characteristics of the logo came with the Murtnes’ beard and chef’s hat. When complemented with a spatula and knife, along a burger and a plate, the logo was pretty self-explanatory – and matched the client’s wishes!

04. The Result

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