Nimbus Direct Actions Icon Set

As Nimbus Direct wanted to be bolder and more visual in their communications, we made set of useful icons that represent the actions and services Nimbus Direct offer their clients to use in further graphical development

The project

Client: Nimbus Direct AS

Title: Nimbus Direct icon set

Categories: Design and Identity, Profiling

Nimbus Direct icon set

01. The Client

Nimbus Direct is a modern, technology-driven callcenter/customer support center, offering sale-, service-, and support to larger providers of customer-driven services, such as Viken Fiber (one of Norway’s largest internet and TV providers).

02. The Process

As Nimbus Direct wanted to make a bolder visual statement in their communication, and later update their visual profile and use of illustrations and graphics, they approached us with a desire to make a set of graphics that could be used to identify the services and actions they offer as part of their portfolio.

Creating a more daring color palette than their previous green-and-grey, pink and yellow were introduces as support colors. These were effectively included in the process of making the icons.

03. The Complexity

Understanding the company structure and position in context to the vast network of integrations between technical providers and support and service providers was a handful.

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