Profile for Halden Håndballforening

Halden Håndballforening was re-established in 2017. Ludicrumedia helped the new sports club with color palette, logo and a new visual profile.

The project

Client: Halden Håndball

Title: Profile for Halden Handball

Categories: Logo, Profiling

Launched: May 18, 2017

Profile for Halden Handball

01. The Client

Halden Håndballforening is the reincarnation of former Halden Håndballklubb, who was discontinued in 2017. Eager parents wanted to enable their children to keep playing handball locally, and formed a new handball club in Halden.

02. The Process

Ludicrumedia reached out to Halden Handballforening when they started, as we know how much children appreciate sports. We partnered up, and offered to design the new profile manual for the club. In return, they will wave the Ludicrumedia banners on every home match the new club plays, and wear the purple and blue Ludicrumedia logo on their jersey sleeves.

A very pleasant meeting resulted in a joint positive collaboration, and the logo design was quickly established.

03. The Complexity

Four words were said when wishes for the logo was discussed; ball, handball, arm shooting the ball, Fredriksten fortress. But most important – the connection to Halden. That’s a lot of logo! We had to narrow it down to make sure we could design a logo that would be usable on every type of media, so we decided to focus on the word Halden, a Handball and Fredriksten Fortress.

04. The Design

Using a traditional badge theory, we encapsuled the handball partially in a shape where the silhouette of the fortress arose. In the whitespace from the silhouette, we placed Halden as a solid, clear logotype.

For colors, we ended up with orange and dark gray, as those colors were available on the favourite jersey design and were also the colors of the other elite handball club in Halden. The decision was made in agreement between the two clubs and us. The orange is a wonderful opposite to the dark, rock solid grey tones.

05. The Result

We ended up with a logo we are truly proud of, and can’t wait to see 200 girls playing handball in jerseys with both this and our own logo on!

Halden Handball logo

The horisontal version of the logo:

Halden Handball horizontal logo

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