The Lockdown Podcast

When Norway closed down due to Covid-19, Egil and Marius were ready to start a podcast. We produced the entire podcast, from recording and editing to marketing and distribution.

The project

Client: Skjulet

Title: The Lockdown Podcast

Categories: Media productions, Podcast

Launched: March 12, 2020

The Lockdown Podcast

01. The Process

When the podcast started – rather abruptly – simple technology were used. As the participants were distant from each other due to Covid-regulations, Microsoft Teams were used as a platform, since this was able to record both audio and video. Editing was done using Adobe Premiere Pro to extract both video- and audio files. Logistics were provided using Podbean, and published on all major channels such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

02. The Complexity

As participants were distant, sound control was hard. We were limited by the participants own equipment and modifications available in Microsoft Teams for securing good audio, causing the podcast to be of variable quality regarding the audio. The most complex task was editing/post-production, to make sure the episodes were of good enough quality to publish.

03. The Result

As a first, and very quickly thrown together, podcast project, the results were acceptable. A useful and challenging experience, just sparking the desire to produce more media projects.

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