Websites for View Software

View Software AS were ready to upgrade the design and structure of their website. Already using (and loving) WordPress, they came to Ludicrumedia for the job!

The project

Client: View Software AS

Title: Websites for View Software

Categories: Webdesign, Website


Launched: July 10, 2017

What the client says

Ludicrumedia with their ability to understand us, our business segment and their competence and knowledge that provide us with a marvellous website sollution, has been extremely valuable to us throughout the project. Ludicrumedia know design and web development, something our new website shows!

Toni Delgado, Marketing coordinator
Websites for View Software

01. The Client

View Software’s mission is to develop software and expertise that help their customers to get even better at planning, optimize and document their important and value-added processes.

With a marketing director with good insight into online digital marketing and the desire to tighten up the visual profile of the company, the project was kickstarted nicely; With wireframes prepared and a sound discussion of what View wanted to show their customers on the website, Ludicrumedia could start framing the project plan.

02. The System

It was important to us that the agency we chose knew WordPress – both the technology and what existing functionality can provide a complex website. Toni Delgado, View Software

There were really never any question about what CMS to use when developing the new site. View Software’s old site was made with WordPress, although not using as many features and templates as the new site are. The marketing director’s previous experience with WordPress, along with the extreme flexibility in templating, styling and administration overview made the choise ea… well, there were never really anything to choose.

03. The Process

View had done a solid brush-up of their visual identity before contacting us, and came with an updated profile manual. Along with the profile manual, View sent us some low-fidelity wireframes, showing us some of their desires and needs regarding the structure and content display of the new website. This gave us a kickstart for reviewing and advising the furter processes in the project.

Good talk! Now get started!

Ludicrumedia took time to understand our challenges, and suggested good solutions for every one of them. When we were uncertain, Ludicrumedia adviced and suggested solutions that fit perfectly with our desires, thought and ideas for the new website. Toni Delgado, View Software

After reviewing the information we received, we sat down with View. Combining their excellent preliminary work and our revisions, the project plan was quickly established. Given the short time frame for such a complex website, we suggested a two-track process; we started configuring the base of the system alongside the design process. This made it possible for View to start implementing their content and reviewing the administration before the front-end of the website were completed, hence shortening the entire working process.

Two-track thoughts.

Illustration of two-track process.

This process was possible because View had experience using WordPress as a publishing system. A two-track process can be challenging, as the publishers and editors will not be able to view the content in the correct context. Though, this can be solved by ensuring that the administration panel is intuitive and explanatory, so we focused on making the administration template as understandable as possible for the people using it.

Agility is key

With excellent response time whenever a question arose, the two-track process proved to be an efficient method. Merging the two together when the design was accepted, we already had some relevant content to test the structure and display of the different templates as they were implemented into the system. This again led to shortening the testing period of the template implementation.

As the time was spent effectively in the main part of the process, both parties could send questions back and forth and keep nitpicking on details without being afraid the estimated time table would be blown out of proportion.

04. The Complexity

View’s biggest desire was to have a website that told their visitors more clearly which markets they delivered products to. The main focus was to show their business areas, and connect relevant information to their respective business area. The narrative throughout the website should be grounded in the business areas and the success stories View had created throughout their previous work.


05. The Design

Use of colors on View's websites. ScreenshotTo achieve the complexity View wanted, we created a set of templates based on a design that were clearly identifiable no matter what content type or business area that was currently displayed. Using the dark color scheme with View’s orange and blue as action colors, we could highlight the parts in need of special focus or urge user interaction.

The lighthouse

View frontpage with the lighthouse and business areas. Screenshot
The new View frontpage. The lighthouse is a solid visual element on the website.

One of the biggest design challenges, and in our mind – successes – was finding a design element that could benefit Views narrative and ground the motto “providing your business overview”. After testing some ideas, we landed on the lighthouse. Placing the lighthouse in a View-colored environment, below the “stealth” element from View’s design profile and above the motto, we found a strong, visually solid expression to welcome the users to View’s new web presence.

View enjoyed the result so much they decided to use the lighthouse element as a key element in their marketing material.


06. The Result

The result is a website a (very) modernized design, complying to the visual identity and profile of View. The narrative is build with a starting point of View’s business areas, allowing visitors to go in depth after their own wish, with more information or contact points at close range anywhere they are.

The system behind the website is complex, with a custom build template-based theme that View’s web editors easily administer through the dashboard of WordPress.

The website is responsive, universially designed, search engine optimized and if we dare say it ourselves – pretty cool!

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