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We love cookies. Although one should be careful with the online ones. Digital weight is a dangerous thing!

We leave a couple of cookies on your computer. This is to tell us what language you want to read our site in, and to check if you want the high-contrast version of the site. We also have some cookies that exists just as long as you’re on this webpage, which is to there to give you the best experience on Ludicrumedia.com. Other than that, we apologize for any crumbles we might have spread in your keyboard!

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We do not store or gather any personal information from your visit in our databases. You are anonymous to us, to the extent on what you allow Google, Facebook and other social media to detect and share with the website traffic you are the source of.

We do use Google analytics, which store some demographical data about your visit. We do not use this data to anything other than analyzing our own website to make it as good as possible for the ones visiting it.


We do not send any marketing material other than the ones actively chosen by the user. By actively chosen we mean signing up to the newsletter, submitting a form on this site or a site related to this website located otherwise on the internet (i.e., our Facebook Page), or initiating contact on other mediums.

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