Complete visual profiles

We make logos, fonts and colors work together to show your identity.

Design can be so many things, but for our clients, we think of design as the visual elements that give them their identity. Every brand needs an identity. The identity helps customers experience, get to know and create feelings for the brand. It’s all about the love…


The main element in most brands is the logo. An easy to recognize structure, often awakening some sort of emotion or feeling. We can help you design and build a logo that shows and/or strengthen your identity.

Feel free to check out some Ludicrumedia-made logos. If you’d like a logo of your own, just give us a shout!

Graphical profile

To ensure that the visual identity is perceived correctly among all visual platforms, the identity is often illustrated in a graphical profile. The graphical profile consists of a set of rules on how the logo, colors, fonts and elements of the identity should be used. Complex profiles often have letter paper, business cards and other relevant printed and digital media examples – or even completed design that should be used.

We make both basic and complex profile manuals for our customers. A profile manual is easily updated or expanded when the time is right, so a basic profile manual is often a good starting point for most clients.

If you need help branding yourself, and make sure you have the right identity, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Webdesign from scratch, redesign of an ancient archetype of a website or responsive design – we do it all. As we follow the trends and technology on the interwebs, we explore and enjoy the challenge of presenting sensible content in a visually stunning way with users still finding their way around the site.

Webdesign usually comes along with us making a website, but if you just want the design to use for another system or agency, we’ll be happy to provide it for you! Give us a few lines about what you want, and we’ll be in touch!

Not convinced? Check out some of the websites we’ve designed already!

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