SEO - Search Engine Optimalisation

The long word with essential meaning; make people find my site!

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimaliztion, has become a familiar word along the ever-present use of the words “websites” and “Google”. The three go hand in hand, although “Google” should be replaced with “Search Engines” (Yeah, there actually exist other search engines as well, like Bing and Yahoo).

Google is now more a word than a brand – “Just google it!” has replaced the old-fashioned thinking to find something we just cannot remember out. And with this in mind, there’s no use in rating how important it is for a website to be present in the Google (or rather “Search Engine”)-universe.

Just google it!

There are two main factors when considering SEO: The technicalities in the system, and the actual content.


Technologically speaking, the web system must be set up so the web editor easily can provide sensible information or content to the website, and the website system must ensure that the information is presented as it should in both code and visual display.

We make sure our websites do this. Using WordPress with one of the many magnificent SEO plugins give an excellent baseline for technical SEO. When we include Social Media into the mix as well, the technical aspects are just about covered.

Also; having a website that don’t adapt or transform to display itself properly on any device (tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop computers) is being penalized by search engines. Having a responsive website is now a must-have, not a nice-to-have.

Everyone who use Ludicrumedia to make their website get both the structure and responsive design in the estimate; we don’t deliver websites that hasn’t regarded the technical aspects of SEO or design and structure that adapts to the screen it’s being viewed on.


The most important thing regarding SEO is still the content. Making all the necessary code and structure will be worthless unless the content placed in the fields have value.

There are some important factors to consider; making sure titles, descriptions and main content must have a red line, making sure non-textual information is described with text, and writing informative links.

All this are things Ludicrumedia can help you with, if you think this sounds difficult to achieve!

How we can help

Ludicrumedia have long experience on shaping content on the web for various topics. Use us as a training partner to enable yourself to do it, or simply pay us to do the content-related SEO-job for you when you have written an article or page you want published.

Feel free to contact us at or call us at (+47) 412 95 783 to state your wishes and needs, and we’ll make an arrangement that suits you and your content!

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