Websites and applications

We build all kinds of web- and native applications and websites in alle sizes and complexities. We even have a website starterpack.

Between us, we have a lifetime of experience designing user interfaces, building websites of different sizes and requirements, and creating applications and games for different platforms. Feel free to contact us if we can help you with any of this. To get a better overview of what we can, check out some of our more technical work, or keep reading…

UI and UX

Two extremely popular abbreviations in the modern computer-driven world that more often than not are confused with the other: UI, short for User Interface, describes the actual interface a user interact with to communicate with a system, website or computer. UX, short for User Experience, describes the entire environment of actions and emotions a user operate within when communicating with a system or computer.

We can help with both. Designing interfaces, meaning a control panel for a game or a great navigation system for a large website, is something we’ve done plenty. This design face is done with consideration to the user experience – the what and the how for a user using your interface.


Our favorite CMS – or publishing system for websites – is WordPress. Open Source (meaning no basic licensing fees), extreme flexibility, and the possibilities to adapt development and design according to both the client’s wishes and budget make it a solid tool when creating websites.

The best thing about it is the publishing part; non-technical clients usually understand and are able to manage the contents of their website pretty quickly when using a WordPress website…

Everything website…

We’re perfectly capable of making websites without WordPress as well. Never before have making a website been easier, with all the online tools and apps letting anyone who has the time to tinker about get a website out on the interwebs. But, this also brings along some challenges; Anyone can get a decent design out there, but a website is quite a bit more… Search Engine Optimization should be taken into consideration (you want your website to be found on Google, right?), as well as Accessibility (you want your content to be read by, or read to, as many potential clients as possible) so that most people can get to know you. Navigation should really get a second thought, as there are norms and user behaviour to consider. And most importantly: Content. Users on the interwebs are not the fondest readers. If you feel insecure about any of this, we’re happy to help.

Games and Applications

Whether it’s an application for your internal registers or a new world-dominant mobile game, we can make it. They both base themselves on the same thing; servers, coding platforms, and publishing. This also goes for everything in between (and outside) internal registers and mobile games, meaning we can probably help you with a lot more projects than this small paragraph manage to tell you…

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