Website Starterpack

Get your new business online with small fixed cost (NOK 5.995) and effective templating.

The Website Starterpack is an excellent product for small businesses who want a visually stunning website and easy website administration for a low, fixed cost.

Why is this so cheap?

Because we have framed the project from start to end already. Here’s how a starterpack project works in six single steps:

  1. A meeting between us and the client to get to know the company, it’s identity and it’s needs.
  2. We do a research on ready-made templates that can be used with WordPress.
  3. We present the two or three templates we conclude are the most solid, and the client joins the decising process.
  4. We acquire, set up and configure the templates, making the website ready for publishing.
  5. Client publishes his content.
  6. We help launch the website.

What do I get in the starterpack?

You get

  • A popular, easy-to-use publishing website buildt with the most popular publishing system online (WordPress). We will show you how you use it.
  • A theme of templates, making your website look good and present your content.
  • A domain and web hosting via our hosting partner ProISP, meaning you can also have your company e-mail here.
  • Professional web developers and designers to set up the entire website for you.


You don’t get

  • Any custom functionality other than the templates provide.
  • Any other services than what’s described in step 1 through 6 above. (We’ll be happy to assist with publishing content, search engine optimalization and custom functionality, but this will be estimated as separate projects.)

Is NOK 5990 the exact cost?

For the job we do, yes. You get the starterpack for that price. You will also need a domain and a web hosting deal. If you already have this, no problem, as long as it can host WordPress. If you don’t, we can offer a hosting solution we can guarantee the quality of.

We use our partner ProISP for every project we own, and for several of our clients. Their cheapest hosting offer is usually more than enough to cover a starterpack, meaning you can get a domain with e-mails and web hosting for as low as NOK 420 per year!

Do you have any examples?

Yes, we do. Just scroll to the bottom, and you’ll find three examples of Starterpack websites we’ve made for our clients.

Excellent. Where do I sign up?

Right here:

Or give us a call on (+47) 412 95 783 to start a starterpack project! We hope to hear from you!

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