We build both small and complex websites - with unique functionality and design in both cases.

With the flexibility and easy-of-use WordPress offers, administering the websites we make require little to no previous knowledge- regardless of the complexibility of the website. We have chosen to work with WordPress for some pretty logical reasons:

  • It has no license fees
  • It is Open Source with a great community for us as developers
  • It offers a multitude of extentions and functions, making it easier for us to make it easier for you
  • It is extremely flexible, meaning
    • it can serve large corporate websites or small blogs
    • it’s structure and visual expression can be easily adjusted
  • It already serves 28% of the websites of the internet! Don’t believe us?

What a Ludicrumedia Website offers

We do our best to stay up to date on trends and technologies. Combined with our experience on planning projects as well as following profile preferences and digital strategies, we give you a modern looking website that is easy to use for both the visitors and the administrators.

Every website estimate we deliver includes the following:

  • No license fee for the WordPress system (some plugins may require an aquiring/support fee)
  • Configuration of WordPress and the needed plugins and theme
  • Technical Search Engine Optimalization; structure and tools (read more)
  • Accessibility Tools for the visual impaired
  • A training session with the administrators to get the client up and running

Give me a website!

Sure thing. Just give us a shout about what you need, and I’m sure the chefs will cook something up!

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It is impossible to set a fixed price on websites. And yet – we have done it. We also offer a Starterpack; a setup of WordPress and a commercial finished theme of the clients choosing to get new businesses online with a decent website quickly.

Read more about the Starterpack here.

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