WordPress E-commerce

Using WordPress for E-commerce websites get you started selling your products quickly.

You’ve got the perfect product! All you need is somewhere to sell it! Then an online e-commerce solution might be a solid starting point. Easily display your product(s) to anyone with an internet connection – and take their orders with minimal administration.


Using WordPress along with the excellent e-commerce plugin Woocommerce is an excellent starting point to get an online store up and running. Woocommerce comes with some handy functions straight out of the box:

  • Selling both physical and virtual products
  • Managing backlog orders as well as stock management
  • Numerous integrations towards payment solutions, like PayPal, Stripe, Klarna and others.

Modern design

With a flourish of well-designed templates available, setting up a good-looking, well-functioning webshop can be done rather quickly. By using some of the professional templates available, your products can be put in an eye-appealing environment, urging users to take a closer look!

If you would like some examples of how these may look, check out ludicrum.shop or kristenmannsblod.no.

Mobile sales

Almost 50% of all online e-commerce is done through mobile devices, and the number is steadily increasing annualy. This show the importance of making your online store available on mobile devices! All Ludicrumedia solutions are responsive, meaning the website adapts to the screen it is displayed on. The functionality of the webshop is available no matter the machine you use.

This is also extremely important to ensure that the webshop is optimized for search engines.

Get one!

So, ready to hit the big world with your smashing products? Or have some questions? Please, ask away, and we’ll assist as best as we can!


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